‘VIII’ is a light dynamic mural inspired by the tarot card for strength. After a year of such great pain and loss, I wanted to make an artwork about recovery as well as fortitude. Our wounds make us stronger and wiser, and taking time to heal is not weakness. The mural is painted with cyan and magenta ink on a white base. In natural or “white” light, the image is chaotic. However when combined with colored lights, the mural becomes layered and transient. The light sequence is designed to help soothe the viewer.

Aerica Raven is a multidisciplinary creator devoted to transforming how people view art and the world around them. Vibrant colors and striking imagery highlight her exploration into the fallibility of human perception, both in sight and mind. In 2019, she began making paintings described as “light dynamic”–using the physics of light and color, she examines the transience of inner peace and outer chaos. Find her on Instagram and Patreon.

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