The Project: A Psychoacoustic Journey


Rob Marley

One of the often-overlooked aspects of a burn event is the sound of the event itself. To the uninitiated, a burn’s cacophony of noises can be jarring, especially when first arriving. But as the weekend progresses and participants settle in to the experience, those discordant sounds transform into the ambient heartbeat of a weekend-long subconscious soundtrack.

“The Project” is a soundscape designed to be listened to while participants explore the other FreezerBurn artwork being displayed. It’s an auditory representation of the evolution from “newbie” to “burner” – from the feeling of denial and absurdity at everything when someone first rolls into an event, to the bliss of psychosexual release as the effigy is ritually razed to the ground. From surprise and disbelief, to amusement, happiness and acceptance, the soundscape is intended to elicit emotions: some tangible, some barely perceptible. It is both a loving greeting to new burners and a sonic hug to veterans.

Rob “Judge” Marley is a professional voiceover artist, voiceover coach and audio engineer. He’s been a burner since 1997, is a Ranger for Flipside and FreezerBurn and can occasionally be heard on KFLIP at

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