The Eradicator

The Eradicator was brought to us from an unknown parallel universe. This machine, once activated, will emit a powerful UV light that will wipe COVID from the face of the Earth.

Scott Powers has over 24 years of working as a 3D animator and multimedia digital professional. He’s been involved in many aspects of 3D animation, film, television, video editing, compositing, web design and multimedia production design.

In 2005, he discovered the art of Burning Man, which has inspired a multitude of major art projects for various burn events. The scale of these artworks vary from a few feet to over two stories tall. In several of these daunting projects, he’s led teams in creating his designs, from small to large teams of over thirty people. Utilizing his knowledge of 3D and natural talents in sculpting, he has conceived some very creative and remarkable works that thousands have enjoyed.

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