The End is the Beginning is the End

Let go of who you think you are, particularly the trappings of your ego. You have the opportunity to imagine and reflect upon what it would be like to surrender, and the intention is to develop vulnerability. It’s a preparation to end the way your mind holds you back and to experience a rebirth. Die in that fire. 

Bambler was born into a strict Catholic home in a tiny town in Flyover Country, where she got her start by  tagging walls at the ripe age of 3. By the time she hit the Fourth Grade, it was apparent that she was a loner.  Her parents were occupied by work and unequipped to handle emotions, while the other children in class  thought she was “weird”. So she turned to the hard stuff for solace: art. After drawing a Precious Moments  Christmas card that produced positive validation for the first time in her life, she was addicted.  

Her time procuring a design and illustration degree taught her three things: 1) There are other weirdos  out there. 2) Mass marketing is a ploy to manipulate people into thinking their product is the answer to the  unhappiness that they didn’t originally know they had. 3) College is way too expensive for someone who was  never taught her how to manage her money properly. 

After years of trying to fit nicely into a society that believed graphic design was the only way a creative could  be “successful”, the artist futurely known as Bambler threw everything out the window to travel. This was to be  her first Phoenix moment and though very painful at times, it was the best decision of her life.  

Since then, she has participated in many art shows, lived in multiple cities, curated large-scale multi-faceted  events, traveled the coast of Australia on her own and underwent multiple metaphorical deaths and rebirths. 

Before her move back to Austin, Bambler experienced a series of unfortunate events (shout out) that eventually led to the birth of her new style in two series entitled “Water Therapy”, abstract watercolors inspired by time in Sensory Deprivation, and “Expressions”, a variation of illustrated faces, most notable are the ones presented.

During quarantine, she had the time to experiment and fall in love with the art of Batik. Using wax and dye to create an image on fabric, as shown, she now intends to honor her stages in life where she has transformed by creating a Phoenix that she can share with the world.

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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